The Black Frame

selected works 2014-?

In 2014, after 10 hours printing in the darkroom (a state I call 'darkroom delirium') I had the idea to print a black frame from a negative that wasn't exposed to light. I titled this The Philosophy of Photography. I realized that in the beginning, every frame, the unexposed negative,  is black. As a photographer, it is our role to open the shutter and choose what to shine a light on.  

This concept developed my philosophy of photography, which opens and closes the volumes of my books. The Black Frame, the origin of thought and creation, would later lead me to explore stages of consciousness in conjunction to the writings of Carl Jung on shadow work and psychological alchemy and my own experiences with mental health and healing.

In 2017, I returned to the black frame after a long spell of depression and suicidal ideation. After being unable to pick up my camera I turned my studio into a black box, the black frame, and witnessed as my unconscious was slowly reflected back to me.  

All work is achieved by techniques done in camera or in the darkroom, in many cases a mixture of combining these techniques. 

The Philosophy of Photography, 2014

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