16mm B/W,  2019, 20:05min

12.08.19 NYC


Trailer and 16mm film stills for Fragments, a 4-piece short-film 

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Direction, Camera, Edit, Film Development, Production: Brittany Markert 

#1. 1:11min 

Performance, Makeup, Styling: Candice Guttman 

#2. 1:46 min 

Performance: Nicole Absher & Brittany Markert

Makeup: Jenny Sauceda

Makeup Assistance: Sarah Seis Wardrobe: Crowley Vintage 

Stop Animation, Camera Assistance: Julie Orlick 

#3. 8:58 min 

Performance, Makeup, Styling: James Jimenez 

#4.  7:00 min

Performance: Merta Olsen

Makeup,Styling: Brittany Markert

Special Thanks to Mononoware for darkroom support & Gooby Herms for providing lights

Coming to a room near you 2019... 

Brittany markert, in rooms, 16mm, female filmmakers, Maya Deren, David Lynch, surrealism, Jung, animus, split personality, experimental filmmaking
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